Thread: I dont have a psp are they good

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  1. #1 I dont have a psp are they good 
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    HELP should i start saving up for a psp or not?
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    Of Course!

    "Think for yourself, question authority" - Timothy Leary
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    psp's are the shiznitobangwito
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  4. #4 Multi Player problem 

    I've got a PSP running version 3.03 and a copy of virtua tennis: world tour. Friend of mine has same game, same software version on his PSP (not sure if it makes any difference). Both have AD HOC mode set to automatic, the wifi switch is in the right position and I think all other settings are the same. We cannot get the PSPs to connect to each other to play a multi-player game in the ADHOC mode? Anyone any ideas what may be wrong.

    The only difference we have come up with is that I have the Platinum version and my mate has the original? Could this be the issue?

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