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    Okay Well I'm A Noob. And I Want To Know How Do I Put Lights On The L And R Buttons And Is It Possible For Me To Put A Speaker On The Back Of The Psp? If So What Will I Need To Do This Project? Other Than Time.....
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    theres a ton of youtube videos on this heres one for the led triggers
    YouTube - how to put LED Lighted PSP Mod.wmv

    heres one for sound reactive(not a video) PSP Phat Direct Contact Sound Reactive LED Triggers

    this is for the back speaker:Psp Hardware Mods 1 - Video
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    Or go to Sony psp technician and tell him that u want to do that project on it
    but don't go on a shop that is a retailer

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    Hello and welcome to!!!!
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    sounds cool i might try that...eventually.
    by the way nice to meet all of you.
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    Welcome to pspmod remeber using the search feature will almost return 85% of wanted results
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