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    My girlfriend surprised me with a PSP value pack yesterday for my birthday! I've got a DS modded to Hell and back and I've done pretty much everything I can with it for now. So this was perfect timing.

    After reading multiple n00b guides here, it seems this PSP mod scene is a bust.. unless you're fortunate enough to have a system from the early production runs - I'm not. The GTA workaround is a joke and seems like a hassle, at best.

    My question is - is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Using intelligent, forward-looking commentary, does anyone here see a more streamlined method being released? The DS has hardware addons available that overpower firmware limitations.. does anyone know if there is anything like that in development for the PSP?

    Other than Katamari on the 21st, I don't see many games that warrant the purchase price and I'd hate to see this thing just collect dust - the screen is fucking beautiful. The MAME and SNES support would have made this the perfect DS companion too, since it doesn't support either one.

    Please spare me the PSP/DS Debate comments, and whatever other insults you've conjured while reading this. I'm merely looking to see what my options are with this thing beyond the norm. I already have an iPod. I have no interest in portable movies, UMDs, ebooks, etc.. I'm guessing I'm screwed, unless I want to take the GTA route.

    Thanks in advance for any help with this.

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    Well, thanks for reading the noob guides and doing your homework You are correct in your assumption that currently GTA is the only route you can go to mod a psp above firmware 2.0. There are no hardware mods that enable you to by pass firmware limitations (apart from buying a new daughter board which houses the nand chip the firmware is stored on, which is essentially getting a "new" psp with a lower firmware). Hope this helps, and hope you enjoy the site and decide to join us regulars here
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    welcome and as drizzle said, u need lower fw w/o gta although, have fun and enjoy the site

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    Welcome to the forums.....and yes thanks very much for doing your homework

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    good job on the research. honestly thhe GTA route isnt bad at all you'd be surprised it runs pretty much most homebrews now about 80-90% and u can still run emulators through the eloader u get (im sure u already know this from doin ure hw) but honestly it isnt too shabby
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