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    So, I hacked together three PSP 1001's to have my first PSP (I'm entirely new to the PSP itself -- but intimately familiar with various other consoles). With my Pandora battery STILL on its way from DX -- I tried to hard-mod my sole PSP battery just to do a firmware flash. Well, with my fine tipped soldering iron prepped, my head mounted magnifiers all good to go I begin to de-solder that one magic pin. The second the soldering iron touches the microdot of solder, I get a muscle spasm in my hand -- something shorted out and a magic smoke genie was released from SOMEwhere.

    Damnit... time to place a second order with DX, since I'm not paying $30 locally for a battery for a PSP I really can't do anything with yet (I have no physical UMD games. I'm just in it for the homebrew). So, I figure I've gone this far in life without a PSP, I can easily wait a few weeks for my DX stuff to arrive.

    I've already got a 4.01 M33 (I believe I have this designation correct) on my MMS. So when the DX package arrives (first shipment is the Pandora, second is a full replacement housing and a regular battery) I can just plug in and go with the upgrade.

    It has been about a week and a half since my original order was placed with DX, and a wild hair grows up my ass and I decided to go ahead and TRY my fried battery (if I blow the motherboard, no big deal, I've got two others) -- I plug in the AC power (being batteryless, thus no %74 charge), MMS in place, hold the L-trigger, and lo and behold -- the flash update menu pops up!

    This whole time I could have had a working PSP. I'm currently locked in the 4.01 CFW until my regular battery arrives -- but hey! I should have bought a PSP *YEARS* ago, I had no clue how damn fun this little device is!!

    Glad to be part of the community!

    A question -- Being a PSP-1001, do I *NEED* this 1.50 kernel stuff -- or can I get by without it? I ask this because "Rain's UltraLite MMS Maker for 5.00 M33-4 v1.2" doesn't seem to have the "1.50 kernel" stuff as an option, whereas, "RainMMS" (at least the version I have) goes no higher than 4.01, but with the 1.50 kernel.

    Should I reflash with version 5 and not worry about the 1.50 kernel -- and WOULD I even be able to since I can't provide a battery with ANY charge?

    Thanks for my questions -- I've been lurking here enough that I should know these answers.
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    welcome to pspmod.

    If your here for homebrew,then yes you need the 1.5 kernel cuz some homebrew might not fully work or work at all like devhook.
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