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    this may not be the proper place to place this thread, but i have all the materials needed, and i want to mod my psp. i currently have a vanilla phat psp with software version 3.95. i have an extra battery that i can make a pandora and i have a 2gb memory stick and a 1 gb memory stick, i have the files needed to make the magic, i just do not know where to start. a step by step (noob friendly) guide would be nice, so maybe a link or some explaination. thank you all for your help
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    Hello and welcome to pspmod!

    First you are going to need to create the mms, download rains mms or newbieasyinstaller, search on Google

    Then for a guide to make pandora go to Psp Customize - Powered by CO.CC

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    Or alternatively rather than searching there for a direct link, use the first link in my signature for a guide to making a pandora, and the second link for making a magic memory stick. Once you have both, the process is simple.

    Put magic memory stick in PSP.
    Hold down left trigger
    Put in Pandora Battery.
    Run through program that pops up.
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