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    xD HI! Im new, and I have mucho gousta questions.
    First, the thread name isnt mine. Stole it from another. Infact, a "pspube" should be the offical title, I think... xD to any green horn like myself...

    Now, I am still relativly new to new gadgets and things today... give me a break.
    Ok, so I have a question. Im looking for a GBA mod right? Duh' VisualBoyadvance?....No. Not even close. So then I learned that its a PSP... not windows. Ok. So I looked on the web for diffrent emu's. I found gpsp, and another one I can't recall the name of. Then, after saving it in the game folder and checking to make sure I had all the files in the Zip. etc.. It wont run/dont know how to load the ROMS. I put the da**** Fire Emblem (Quite partial to tactics as to combat) ROM in the ROM folder... Still I got an error code 008214 <<<SOMETHING like that. So I searched for it, wound up here. The ERROR MESSAGE guide was brilliant, mad congrats to the OP... It says Im trying to run a ROM on ver.1.3 or above.

    I did a bit of reading and found that your system is unique. My firmrate is 3.95. This is what is says under SETTINGS>SystemSettings>Information> SOFTWARE>>>Version3.95 ((But what the <beep> ? When I go to the "GAME" folder from home, it says Update ver 3.51?!?!?! HELP please?))

    I have a slim, 2001 model. ((Last four in the serial # right?)) NO mods, and some music files. I TRIED to put some rom and emulator stuff up there, but tonight, Im going to erase everything I have except for music and game saves.

    So let me get this straight... I need a certian version (Which I dont think I have and have little knowledge of obtainment) to play a certian ROM version, and in order to get to be able to play some damn FireEmblem...

    I have to by a pandora battery... do some souper hack frimrate/thingy/madness to.. AND a magic stick? To DOWNGRADE my psp (wtf?) and to reload the right version...

    My lord. I dont think I even have the right version to acess the Restore screen to change the settings like the guide said.

    THANKYOU all who read any of this. Thankyou!
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    lol long.
    i believe you dont even have custom firmware.. youre going to need to get that before you can play youre emulators. first link on my sig is the best guide. has everything you need to know.

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    yeah man u gotta be running custom firmware not official firmware(the crap sony gives us) the custom firware will have letters like m33 after the numbers. read around and make a pandora battery and magic memory stick using my siggy links or just use clwnfrmdwntwn's
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    im suprised yall could read that.i personally needed a translator.

    and technically your half right clown.hercules guides good for making a pandora.but my guides better for installing any custom firmware you wish,with instructions .i also link to hercules guide for the pandora if people havent made one
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    Hello and welcome to pspmod!
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    looks liek you have done your research.. you are on the right track

    If your PSP is Bricked and needs to be UnBricked and/or you need Pandora Battery.

    Buy Pandora Battery With Memory Stick
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    Man you need the CFW, Once you get that you can have a PSP partay!
    Just G00G13 it!
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    All updates in 3 days.
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