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    I just came over from PSP we are looking for new mods. You can even use your username from PDC, this site runs well on a psp and you have huge selection of downloads.

    So come over and try out.
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    lol wtf is this

    If your PSP is Bricked and needs to be UnBricked and/or you need Pandora Battery.

    Buy Pandora Battery With Memory Stick
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    Where sorry but its against the rules to advertise, Also thats and epic fail if Ive ever seen one, It redirects to myfacebook, LMFAO!
    Just G00G13 it!
    3.90 OFW > 3.90 M33-3 > 5.00 M33-4 > 5.02 GEN-A
    All updates in 3 days.
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