Thread: WTF?!? .rar HELP!?!

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    I just joined this site because it seemed very good a sucsessful so please help the major noob. lol i learn quick though so thats good. so these are the questions...

    What is this .rar and .7z and what not? Does the PSP recognize it? were do i put it so it does get recognized. wow i thought i knew all this.

    and thanx
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    RAR and 7z are both compression formats commonly used on computers to comress data into a smaller size. RAR is the most common, along with ZIP.

    Some emulators will play roms still packaged in a ZIP folder, but for everything else, you'll need to extract the file from inside the compressed file. You'll need something like WinRAR or WinZip. Google em.
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    Just google WinRar
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