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    What's up all. I'm new here but wanted to introduce myself. I've got big plans for homebrew on my PSP, although my free time is little and I'm a bit rusty. Just finished my first LUAPlayer project and I'm ready for more. Check me out at to see what my current project is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by liquidjin
    is little and I'm a bit rusty.
    just kidding, welcome to mean the forums.

    why english class is important.
    how to get banned
    this is awesome
    thanks drizzle for the kick ass signature.
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    Welcome to the Forums, Enjoy your stay

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    Yep... welcome to the forum. Good luck with your programming and let us know if you have questions... well after you read the stickies and search of course
    Before you post please
    Read the sticky's Read the manual Use the search button Google it

    Drizzle's so cool he sh*ts icecubes.
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    Welcome to the forums

    "Think for yourself, question authority" - Timothy Leary
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    welcome to the forums.
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    hay, and read the link in my signature for a n00bs guide if you need it.
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    Hey man welcome, have fun, don't be a bitch, lol, just kidding, kind of, lol, welcome
    Quote Originally Posted by julie
    who me? im a perfect lil angel
    Quoted For Truth......Quoted for Truth
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    welcome mate, homebrew to tha max.!

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    Owner of PSP ver. 2.5, oh great
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