Uh, hey, mostly just posting here because i need to send a pm. but, yea im new here, ive had my psp since release and only just hacked it within the past 2 months. Love it even more, if you feel like answereing a question of mine feel free, and thanks if you do.
1.To anybody who has used the UP mod chip, just how hard is it to install, i feel like instaling it just to say I have really, plus for compatability reasons with older cfw apps. Plus just how much room does it take? im planning on moding my psp heavy so I'd like to know just how much space.
2.To anybody who has installed speakers into the door of the psp. I know i need to take out the umd, yes ive already done that, but what did you use for the speaker? and how much space would you say round about would there be for the speaker?