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    Great looking forum....

    I've had my PSP since April and I'vd decided it's time to unlock the capabilities that Sony intended and more!

    I'm looking foward to helping out as much as possible...

    The PSP is a gateway to many things to come.
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    Welcome, great to have ya aboard

    "Think for yourself, question authority" - Timothy Leary
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    welcome bro
    Every man is an artist. It just depends on how good he is at it. My art is death, and im about to paint my masterpiece.
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  4. #4 Strange problem...pls help 
    Hey guys,
    i was using devhook 0.46 to launch my games in my memory stick....
    but lately...when i do the same thing to launch...the games juz wont run...
    can any1 help me?

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    If its freezing then just delete devhook and reinstall it thats what I did.
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