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    Hey people! Just obtained a new PSP V1.50. I have no clue on how to get started modding or anything. So i came here for help. If any one could lend me hand. All i need is a short tutorial or something.
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    ok, read the link in my signature, and follow the links and youll have homebrew in no time.
    you can get all the files etc. from
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    Yeah, listen to Blackout. Also, DON'T upgrade til you do your research. 1.5 is becoming a rare thing and you may want to keep it
    Before you post please
    Read the sticky's Read the manual Use the search button Google it

    Drizzle's so cool he sh*ts icecubes.
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    Welcome to the forums.....after you've searched you can ask us about any problems you've encountered.......just make sure you research it first

    "Think for yourself, question authority" - Timothy Leary
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    Thanx for the info, im checking out the link you left for me. I'll let you know how it turns out!
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    And one more thing to add..dont double post..if you do all those things that everyone before me mentioned..ull be in GREAT shape

    Your fellow Super Moderator. -Jrmdb3
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