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    well hello
    i am new here, but not fully new to PSP homebrew(so not fully noob, half noob)
    well i used to have a psp, but it got stolen a month of 8 ago.
    and today i got a new one, from marktplaats(ducth ebay) for 115 euro with 3 games.

    i downgraded my old psp so i am going to do it now to, i have 2.6 now, will be 1.5 soon i hope.

    i heard of an pandora battery but i am not sure what it is, if someone could explain me what it is it would be nice.
    i need an new battery anyway, the one i have now is recharged to much.
    its empty in 1 hour
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    that battery you own has been heavily used so it can't hold a charge any more, first off do you want to just downgrade, or go to m33 firmware. I prefer m33 because it can do everything 1.5 can and more, but if you wish to downgrade you can use a pandora's battery and magic memory stick. A pandora is a battery whose flash is 0xffffff it tells the psp that instead of reading off the motherboard it should read off the memory stick. So with a properly made memory stick you can install a new firmware or an old one. For a guide on how to make the mms and pandora check my signature.

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