New to the PSp. I just found out to day about the external cam and talkman for the psp. I think the ability to input sound as well as live vid coupled with the slims rca outs opens a whole new range of possibilities for the psp. for instance You could use the psp as the faceplate for your incur stereo, exporting saved songs from the psp to your cars speakers, inputting music vids from a incar dvd player, or even connecting the psp screen to a carpc, Obtaining car performance data, back up cam shots, etc. I have confidence that I could do the hardware part(mostly external, connecting the psp to a pre existing cd player, that can put out enough power) but it's going to take a software writer to pull it all together; I'm thinking a instant faceplate app startup when connected, left arrow pad as volume control, right as track selector, and bottom row buttons as radio pre set buttons home as menu, and maybe some animations to play in play mod like midlevel player models
This alteration coupled with acid mods attempt (don't know if they are goon be successful) to include Bluetooth on the psp would give me reason to never have it leave my side. Any ideas? The name Dark Alex? Keeps popping up in all the bulletins as the man to see about this type of stuff, anyone knows how to give him the idea? If it works I think all of us psp users would benefit