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    I could use a little help getting started with homebrew on my PSP-2000. (I am a longtime NDS and Wii user so this is new territory!) The reason I want to mod my PSP is for eBooks (mainly just .txt but .pdf is nice to have for some math books I have also), DosBox, emulators, and VNC.

    I just bought me the Daxter bundle PSP Slim which should be hackable since its supposed to have a TA-85v2 motherboard and 3.80 OFW according to: h!!tp:// (yep, I read the forums, but can't post html links yet (15 post rule) )

    I also bought me a Pandora battery and an 8GB memory stick (not MMS - I will use PSP Pandora Deluxe 1.3 / PSPGrader 8 / TOTALNewbieasyInstaller on the original 1GB stick to convert it to a MMS).

    I've done quite a bit of searching and have the latest versions of most of the emulators and the different CFWs so I should have all the necessary stuff in place.

    So now just a couple of questions. I've searched pretty well, but can't find definite answers (or answers are old) and would like confirmations on a few points.

    1) Using a Pandora battery and MMS, I can't unrecoverably brick my PSP Slim, can I?

    2) Which CFW is recommended? (seems like either 3.90-2 or 5.00-6).

    3) When installing an updated CFW (like 5.00-6), do the intermediate updates have to be installed, or can you just update to OFW 5.00 and then apply the MM3 update? (Answer seems obvious, I just want to confirm.)

    4) In addition to installing the CFW, is there anything else that needs to be installed/ran (specifically like VSH / XMB / iR)

    Now the following question is a bit of laziness on my part I will admit, but for someone who knows, it is a trivial answer. (Please save me some precious time and the pain of trial-and-error.)

    5) I have seen "EBOOT.PRB" and .CSO/.ISO files. Where do they go on the memory stick?

    (I know that .CSO are just compressed ISO files - I am just asking for making backups of the games I buy. I know that running games via memory stick is faster, saves battery, and keeps the UMD safe from handling).

    6) Anybody have experience/tips with DosBox and Warlords II/Heroes of Might & Magic 2? This is my #1 reason for buying a PSP.

    7) What VNC tool is preferred? I've heard that you can port the display in WindowsXP to the PSP which is obviously awesome for playing high-end PC games, but what is the best tool on the PSP side?

    Thanks a lot for your help. I feel like such a newb!
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    1)There is no software brick a pandora cannot recover
    2)I prefer the latest 5.00m33-6, but depending on who they talk to they might recommend 4.01m33, or 3.73m33, or even GEN A it doesn't really matter though if you don't like what you have you can use hellcat's recovery flasher to change firmwares
    3)You must update to CFW not OFW do not run an ofw update as this will unmod your psp, if you have an update like 5.00m33-4 to 5.00m33-6 you can just download the latest update for cfw and run if you have a firmware lower you will need to follow some intermediate steps.
    4)No once you have cfw you have pretty much all you need, those are just add ons to improve something and add apps
    5)PSP ISO's go in the ISO folder on the root of the memory (format you memory stick when you get cfw using the PSP) PSx iso's must be converted into eboots using a program like popsloader, or psx2psp

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    1. You can recover from bricks
    2. I'll say use 5.00m33-6
    3. You will need the 500pbp and the eboot and put them in your mms to get cwf with the need of pandora which u have.
    4. Everything else is up to you u can put in whatever you like there optional
    5. Well once you have cfw on your psp then if you dont see an ISO folder on the root of your memstick, make one and thats where the iso/cso fils go
    6. I never used DosBox but you should try playing might and magic 7. That game is awsome
    7. Never used VNC tool

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    Wow! Thanks a lot for your quick replies. I am really impressed by the responsiveness in the forums.

    I appreciate all your help. Thanks.
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