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    Hey folks

    been a while since I got rid of my last PSP,

    now in the market for a new slim and light, is it possible to downgrade the latest versions for a bit of homebrew action.

    I have tried to read the guide, but it has changed so much since I was last on here!

    Thanks in advance, and its good to be back!
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    If you buy a new PSP 2000 slim & lite today, it's likely to contain a motheboard that Sony have patched to prevent any hacking at all. I think there are codes on the boxes or something, but basically if the PSP has 4.01 firmware or higher, it will be unhackable.

    Your best bet is to track down a used PSP-1000 (all hackable) or an earlier PSP-2000 (Slim & Lite) that doesn't have the newer motherboards (TA-088v3).

    Also avoid the PSP-3000, they are also completely unhackable (well, apart from an exploit that hasn't been fully optimised yet).
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    to know if a psp is hackable use this guide
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