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  1. #1 Hi,**NEED HELP**mod/hak issues psp fat and slim 
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    Ok PSP fat and slim.....I really only have one isue at the moment,,I have gotten past most issues that could arise,,,,,never have bricked a psp yet ,,,thats a good thin lol,,,,,

    I have modified/hak 2 old fat psp 1000's no problem
    I have modified a silver PSP 2000 with no problems,,,,

    Then i got a newer PSP 2000 in DEC 2008 around $169 and I been trying to mod/hak it,,,,,but it won't let me YET lol,,,,,,,

    i put the fat hack battery in,,,,with mod chip, and power light comes on but nothing on the screen shows up and it doesn't access the memory chip......

    then it just shuts off like nothing happened,,,,,iput regular battery in, and everything is just fine and original as if it were new.

    running system software version 5.03

    Its just wierd that the psp 2000 SILVER is hackable but not the psp 2000 BLACK ???

    Yah its the color right ? lol

    Anybody got a fix for this yet???

    Any ideas???

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    Yeah about the new 2000 that u bought on December Sony has advanced the mother board and cannot be modded with a pandora battery. Although there is a way being developed slowly but surely to crack into the advanced mother board, it wont be using a pandora battery i believe. So it wont be for about another year and a half to a year possibly for the new hack to be fully developed.

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