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    Hello all... thanks for checking out my post.. i know that most of these answers are probably in a faq somewhere... if someone could be kind enough to link me.. that would be great

    I recently received a psp from my brother... long story short, i need pointers to get me in the right direction as far as hacks and mods...

    1. what kind of mods/hacks are available?
    2. how do i know which hacks/mods are compatible with my psp?
    3. what is all the talk about downgrading?
    4. are the any security issues related to hacking/modding?
    5. what are some reasons to mod... or not to mod???
    6. is there any mod/hack that will allow me to make music with my psp?
    7. what does homebrew mean?
    8. how do i download music to my psp?
    9. can i plug my psp into a tv for easier viewing?
    10. can i extend my wifi coverage?
    11. buying a used psp off ebay? tell me your thoughts

    sorry for so many questions... i have lots more... but this should get me started...

    Thanks a million
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    1)Many are there..
    for eg LED mod,installing cfw and etc

    2)Most hacks are universal except a few ones.

    3)Actually i dont get it why is it called downgrading when infact we are just flashing another firmware.
    So i would say that its changing the firmware of your psp to custom firmware which allows you to run unsigned third party scripts,ISO games[Backed from your umd] and finally unlocking the full potential of your device.

    4)I dont think so.

    5)Reason for not doing hardware mods:You might mess up your psp if you are not good at it.
    Reason for not doing softmods:Apparently not a single one.

    Reason for doing anytype of mod:IT HAS MILLIONS OF ADVANTAGES

    6)For that you will need musical instruments which psp is not.

    7)PlayStation Portable homebrew refers to the process of using exploits and hacks to execute unsigned code on the PlayStation Portable (PSP).

    8)You mean the ones you have bought right?
    No piracy here.
    Just copy them to music folder

    9)If you have a slim psp,yes

    10)You will need to do some advanced technical modifications to your psp[Not advisable]Psp already has a good range.

    11)Read this before you buy:
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    is there a site you could recommend that has a good faq... your answer are very basic... but greatly appreciated... thanks
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    acidmods specializes more in hardware mods than here but I find this site has a nice selection,

    if you have a slim go to for emus, and apps for the psp slim for a phat you're just gonna have to look

    downgrading isn't important unless you have an issue with some compatibility and judging from you ?'s you aren't that type of person but if you need hellcat's recovery flasher

    hacking actually increases security due to apps that can lock the psp

    there are apps to make music on the psp use slimhacks

    homebrew=code written by a an unofficial programmer

    put the music in the music folder of your psp (if you don't have one create a folder named music in the PSP folder of your memory stick

    if you have a slim you can plug it into your tv

    wifi coverage is limited to your psp hardware so unless you modify your antenna to be longer than it will be the same

    wouldn't use ebay go to craigslist in your local area

    I'm not a pirate. I am a 21st century Che liberating files from the capitalist overlords.
    How to check if you can mod your PSP

    Thanks MZ for a sleek sig!
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    sweet...thanks for your replies...also thanks to anyone else who may reply...

    thank god for forums.....
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