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    whats up im looking for some help to not brick my psp 3000
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    u gave no info at all, wat do u need help with?

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    psp 3000 cant be bricked as it cant be modded.
    Unless you fuck it up while updating firmware.
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    purposely fuck it up under warranty and explain to sony how you messed up while updating, if they fix it, then you might get lucky and they might send the mms they use to fix 3ks, but more than likely they won't

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    Do NOT update your PSP 3000!!
    I can be your friend, rofl!
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    And you cant brick your 3k because you cant even hack it xD yet*
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    As the 2 previous posters stated you can brick a psp. If you epicly fail at updating or any other firmware changes then it could be bricked
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    /filler xD
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