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    my names alex, im 16 and i live ny. i play ms, tf2, cs, and almost every online shooter game for xbox360 =]. i am a gfx designer and the psp confuses me . thats all lol
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    dont worry you'll get ahang of the psp, its not nearly as hard to mod as people think, especially with all the noob friendly things out... the psp to me is a horrible piece of outdated garbage (besides emulation)...
    psp history...
    Phat: bought on release, had it for about a year, speakers broke, tried to fix speakers and broke the entire psp...
    Slim: bought on release>modded 4.01 ofw to 4.01cfw> bricked>fixed>fried motherboard after about 2 months
    new Phat: 3.6ofw>5.00m33-3... its radtacular

    "I can accept failure, but I cant accept failing to try" -MJ
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