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    Just bought a PSP, hoping to be able to get homebrews through my Mac.
    I was hesitant about getting a PSP at first but when the eBay opportunity of getting a new one for 208 shipped I did it. My first games'll probably be Wipeout and Metal Gear. First accesory... the Logitch Case.
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    Good work

    I have the Logitech case and it is freakin' sweet. I have Metal Gear AC!D as well and you'll love it if you loved the other Metal Gears and you have an open mind because it IS a card game after all.

    "Think for yourself, question authority" - Timothy Leary
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    Quote Originally Posted by deathspleen
    My first games'll probably be Wipeout and Metal Gear.
    Wow, those were also my first two games o_o
    (I got Wipeout for the web browser, though. Ironic how I never use it now...)

    A Realm Reborn will be even better, right?
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    Charnold stopped by our forums to spread the word of a new PSP Dungeons release. Just when I thought the year couldn't end any better than it was, I was proved wrong. PSP Dungeons is one of the greatest 3D games for the PSP, knocking those Quake 2 fellows off of their stoops (never did finish that now did they?). PSP Dungeons started out as a dungeon/map exploration game, but has emerged into everyone's favorite FPS game on the PSP, possibly beating out some retail competition I would say.

    In this new version, several things are added and changed, but the most important addition is the Mac version of this game is now available, now allowing you to play it on the PSP as it was intended to be played, or both the PC and Mac if you do not have a PSP at hand. This new version also adds some "snazzy" in-game music, although it may seem repetitive, it sure beats not having any music in it at all! This new version of PSP Dungeons 3D has the following added -
    * A Mac version
    * In-game music
    * Weapon damage / enemy life can be changed
    * Level selection in the main menu
    * Renders more texturecolors than the last versions (the engine can now convert to pixelformat 4444, 5650, 5551 and 8888)
    * Textures not loaded into vram are rendered much faster than in previous versions
    * Mipmaps can be switched on/off per maptexture
    * Now possible to install several mods parallel on the psp (Dungeons folder name can be changed)
    * A new level

    To download go to
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