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    Just got my PSP today, as well as the usb cable, darkstalkers and another memorystick, a 32 mb. Darkstalkers is pretty tight, and I want to see if I can download something else onto the Memstick.If I find out anything cool, I'll be sure and post it here for y'all.

    Peace and Light
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    Welcome to the forums

    "Think for yourself, question authority" - Timothy Leary
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    Posting this blog meant one thing: We're going to have to get away from the PSP for a few minutes and share to you what Xandu has recently published in our QJ forums. Which really sucks, because we just got hold of his Super Mario Power Coins v.1.0 and wouldn't stop playing, if we could. But okay, our job is to let you guys know this is Xandu's first game and you're free to download it on your PSP. The warning sign says: addictive.

    The game is actually a Xandu rendition of Super Mario Power Coins (one we played is in Spanish). It may be a clone, come to think of it, except that you can jump and do other things with the O, X, and the arrow buttons, which you can't do in the original flash game. Also, you get to level up pretty quickly.

    We're sure Xandu will come up with more improvements to this game in the very near future. Good for you if you'd installed it and had some ideas to pitch in. Just so Xandu may know, drop him a note at the QJ forum thread linked below.

    To download go to
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