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    Hi every one.
    Got my first psp today as it was a bit of a toss up as to get the DS or a PSP. Friends at work advised that with the PSP you can do so much more with it.

    I am an IT Service engineer and always looking for the gadget and although the PSP has been about for sometime and the new psp3000 (slim) is about i got my first one (chunky) one second hand but in good working order, and now theres no turning back.

    I have been looking for a forum to join to get some hints/tips and downloads that will keep me interested in the PSP as now my 9yr old has seen it and he wants one.

    So any helpful tips anyone might have, would be most welcome.
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    Your friend was not clear enough. You can do so much more with a psp 100X or 2000 since they are hackable. With a 3000, not so much. PSP3000s are not hackable yet. You'll just have to wait a bit for it to be hacked.

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    Welcome to the forums, if you like old school games (atari, neogeo, turbografx, sega, nes, snes, gb/gbc/gba ect) youll love the purchase you just made.
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