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    OK, so I got a fat PSP recently and I've spent the past 3 days searching for information on how to mod it. There is a ton of info out there and it all can get overwhelming. I haven't modded a PSP before (I usually stuck to hacking cell phones).

    The firmware on it is version 3.96 after reading some I found out that it's an update from the Hotshots golf 2 umd. I also read that it's possible to flash a different firmware without a pandora battery. Is this correct? Basically I'm looking for some suggestions on where to start and where I can find the best (most complete instructions)

    Thanks in advance
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    you need pandora battery and magic memory stick,you can make mms and pandora battery with a guide in the guides section
    Red Slim ofw 3.93 > ofw 5.02 > cfw 3.80m33-5 > cfw 5.00m33-4 > cfw 5.00m33-6
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    Just check the custom firmware forums on this board. There are a bunch of tutorials in there
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    Thanks I followed the link. It's a lot of help. I also found another one on here. I'm reading through them and hopefully by the end of the day my PSP will be modded!
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    Good luck with the modding.
    Let us know how you did when you're all done.

    If you're using the only battery that you have to create a Pandora, then make sure you're careful when you're doing it - cut the cell, it won't charge, and possibly won't work.
    The best way to cut is using a new razor along the seam of the battery, then you can use that same razor to lift the pin ever so slightly so that, when done, you can push the pin back down, and tape up the side of the battery.
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    does anyone know of any games that dont need a custom firmware
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