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    Hey guys, I am very big experienced with iPod Touch hacking. Very. But I am very noobish with PSP hacking. I am also looking for a AIM member to help me step by step. BTW is there any major hack for PSP such as iPhone + iPod Touch has Jailbreak? Thanks and Peace.
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    yes pandora and mms

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    use a toturial in the toturial secione
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    No AIMies?
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    There's one universal method: Pandora and MMS
    Other methods involve exploits and downgraders, but for recent OFW (Official Firmware) you would need a Pandora and MMS (Magic Memory Stick). The hack is called CFW, or Custom Firmware. There's two main CFW's out there, M33, and GEN. I personally recommend M33, especially for a first time. Use a guide on this site, and you will create a MMS using one of the Windows Tools. Then hardmod (use a guide) your battery, which involves opening it up, to create a JigKick, or Pandora Battery. If you don't want to open up your battery and risk breaking something in there, buy a Pandora (also referred to as JigKick or Service Mode) Battery off pspmod shop, or

    And the jist of the method:

    When creating a Pandora, or JigKick Battery, you are setting the serial to 0xFFFFFFFF. When a battery with this serial is put into the PSP, it forces it to start up in Service Mode. You can't really do anything in Service Mode unless you have certain files telling it what to do. That's where the MMS comes in. The MMS has files on the PSP's Memory Stick that tells the PSP to install Custom Firmware. When you have no Memory Stick, or a regular Memory Stick in the PSP, the PSP will enter Service Mode, but nothing will happen and the screen will be blank. With an MMS in the PSP, you will be presented with a sort of menu. This will give you the option to install the CFW. If you do, it will run the code on the MMS and install the Custom Firmware, and your PSP will be hacked.
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