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  1. #1 Sup Everyone Anyone Have Xbox Live 
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    Sup everyone ive had my psp a week after it came out im from southern california i have xbox live my gt is davidjr1989 if anyone interested in making a PSP clan just let me know maybe we can start one.
    Sony PSP=$300.00
    Laughing at the Nintedo DS owners=Priceless
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  2. #2 3.03 hack? 
    is there anyway to downgrade 3.03? to 1.5 or upgrade it to 3.03 oe-a. i bought a psp used at eb in the hopes of hacking it and running emulators and all, because i do alot of that with computers. but it was already updated to 3.03 is there away to downgrade?
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    Not yet and maybe not for a while.
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  4. #4 may have ya answer;-) 
    ello ppl, am new 2 psp's n these site's but i found sum1 who claims 2 have 3.03 oe-a' am not sure if this is wot ya lookin for or wot it does exactly but msg me @ n i will pass on the address, hopefully u can let me know exactly wot this will do aswell...i can say that ppl on this site were ravin bout it???
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    3.03oe-b is a custom (unofficial) firmware that provides the features of 3.03 as well as the ability to run unofficial programs that 1.5 has. It also has a hacked official ps1 emulator to allow almost any ps1 game you have a disc image for to run on it, and even more features.

    In order to install the custom firmware, you must have a firmware 1.5 psp. There are programs called downgraders that allow higher versions to be downgraded back to 1.5 (and then updated to the custom firmware if you wish).
    The highest firmware that can be downgraded currently is 2.80, a psp running firmware 2.81 or above currently cannot be downgraded.

    Downgraders and the custom firmware are all unofficial software, not written or approved by sony. Sony want people to update to the latest official firmware so they can only run what sony wants them to.

    All people with firmware 2.81 or higher on their psps can do is to not update further, wait and hope a hacker finds a way to downgrade their firmware version.
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  7. #7 Does anyone have a ta0-82 with fw 3.03 downgrader 
    If anyone has a TA0-82 with a 3.03 FirmWire (the one thats updated by sony) downgrader can sumone plz email me at
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    x_stylez and manwaylow:

    There is no 3.03 downgrader.
    2.80 is the highest firmware that can be downgraded.

    Please do not try to use any of the current downgraders, and dont let someone trick you into believing there is such a downgrader as you will most likely brick (destroy) your PSP.

    As soon as real downgrader for firmware 2.81 or above is released and has been confirmed working, you'll hear about it on the front page
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