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    heya.. inherited my kids PSP 2001 has FW 5.something.. tried to get a IM prog on it.. and cant seem to get any ive seen to work with my FW so I bought a Pandora's bat and am keen into seeing what I can do with this little gadget!

    haveing alot of problems getting CFW installed on my unit tho.. been following the guildes and i seem to be able to make my majic stick fine but then i cannot seeem to get CFW to install... I pop the battery in and its lights blink to tell me its working but i get a blank screen and ive held the left trigger and the left dir pad (as the guide sugests holding the left button) but i cant get past this...

    Really excited to see what kinds of hoops and jumps this thing will do..

    alittle about me.. ive been into computers scence '76 and first computer i mod'ed was my Vic20.. mostly im into RPG and MMO's but I love gadgets!!

    if anyone has any info on getting my old comidor stuff to run on psp let me know.. i plan on searching this site for info on emulator's..
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    First Off - Welcome To The Board

    Secondly - Your MMS Is Unboubtably Not Being Made Correctly - Although Its Old - I Still Reccomend Using Catb50's MMS Maker. (I've Had The Best Success With It)

    You Can Get It Here:

    Any Other Questions Feel Free To Ask.
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    have you read guides to check whether your psp is moddable.?
    Why dont we start comparing psp to a fucking fridge ? ours has a lcd built in ....
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