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    Thanks for creating a site were anyone can come in learn from you smart people. I just got my psp had version 1.52 on it and after reading a little i might have screwed up. I went to websight suggested and downloaded version 2.60. Did I do a boo boo? Please help a green pea in the right direction.
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    Well, there is a limitied amount of homebrew you can run on 2.6, but unless your planning on running homebrew, don't worry about the fact that you upgraded, you did get some nice features that aren't in 1.52 and welcome to the forums

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    Yep, welcome to the forum. Since you are at 2.6 now, I highly recommend getting the game "Grand Theft Auto"
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    yeah GTA is a must for someone with v2.6 firmware......Welcome to the forums

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