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  1. #1 Another noob fish in the sea.... 
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    Hey everyone, just picked up a PSP 1001 today. I've been sitting here for the last hour or two researching and preparing for my first mod.
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    okay well good if your fw is below 3.5 you may be able to use a downgrader instead of a mms and pandora good luck

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    How to check if you can mod your PSP

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    Welcome noob fish
    good luck and have fun

    Looks like I'm with you in the noobish of things...
    I didn't know a downgrader would work for fw 3.5 and below...
    I have 3.41 on one of mine (I thinks)

    ...Goes and searches interwebs
    Quote Originally Posted by rebal_23 View Post
    does anyone know of any games that dont need a custom firmware
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    hello and good luck!
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    hey welcome to pspmod
    First PSP2k : OFW 5.03 --> CFW 3.72M33-1 --> CFW 5.00m33-4 --> 5.00m33-6 --> 5.02 GEN-A -->5.50 GEN-A --> broken screen --> sold
    Second PSP2k : OFW 4.01 --> 5.03 --> ChickHEN R2 --> CFWEnabler 3.60 --> 5.03MHU

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    Hello And Welcome to pspmod!!!!
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