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    So I have been reading for a few months now and I'm thinking I'll get involved a little more. More then anything I have questions about things I read and no one to ask with out signing up.

    I'm in my mid 20s and have modded almost everything in my house. Always liked taking things apart as a kid, and as an adult I find that taking things with big price tags apart is just more fun. So I had a PSP 1000 with 1.0 on it when they first came out, but was too busy with school at the time to care. I sold it some time ago and now have a 3001, that I can't mod and that made me sad, so I got a 2001 as well. Waiting on my battery now, and when that gets here I will be a happier me.

    So anyway, on to the questions. I think I have the answers to some of these but I want to be sure.

    1) These fancy new batteries will unbrick a PSP? Now that really is something, I see that posted but is there catch? If I have a PSP with screwed up firmware this thing is the key to solving that? (This just takes me back because when I had the 1001 you could mod it, but the world was worried about bricking them, so if this solves that what is the risk anymore?)

    2) Can you go back to OFW from CFW? If so how? I have read many things and this is not one that I have seen.

    3) I look forward to putting my PSP games on my modded PSP to take to work, as I only need carry the PSP and a large memory card. However, does the PSP CFW need to be the newest to do this? The main reason for me to mod the PSP if just emulators. I love to play the older games. I have a ton of them, but having all those systems out and hooked up is just not something I can do. Reading about the emulators I see that most work on 3. something and I would like to be able to do the emulation and the ISOs. This is why I ask.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to being part of the process here. Thanks for all the help you have already given me too.
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    1) There are ways to permanetly brick the psp, like deleting the flash 0 or 1 without backing it up (or something like that) Im not sure cause I dont mess with it. Sometimes ppl who completly screw thier psp this way will sell it cheap so beware. Other than that yes the pandora battery and mms can solve most issues.

    2) Yes, you can got back and forth between ofw and cfw and different versions of cfw. Not sure why someone would want to go official after custom but it is possible, google is your friend on that one.

    3) I use my psp exclusivley for emulating old school games, and there are advantages to getting the latest custom firmware that support newer improved emulators. Im pretty sure that even with the newest custom firmwares the older emulators run just fine, and newer cfw's are always improving something so its good to have. As for iso's you will need the latest cfw for some so get the newest anyway.

    The easiest way (for me) to upgrade to the latest cfw once you pandora your psp is to simply connect to wifi (if available) and do a network update. The defualt settings should search the web for the latest cfw (m33) and just fallow the instructions. The alternative is to download and put on you psp via usb cable and run. If you turn off the m33 updater or whatever its called you could get the latest official firmware for wifi too via network updater.

    Good luck and enjoy those oldschool games at work, I know I do : P
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    I actually just spent the money on the battery and card from the PSPmod store. I could have just got the battery and done the rest, I read the guides and it seemed more then possible. However, I have more money then time right now. At least time at home where doing this work is an option. So, if that video is right, and I'm sure it is, I should be able to get the latest CFW on the device in a heart beat.

    I know a few people I could ask about things local. Last time I asked something the guy tried to get me to let him mod my PSP 3000 for $50. I knew enough at that point to know two very important things. 1, I can get everything I need to mod a PSP for less then that and I'll own it. 2, The PSP 3000 can't be modded right now, and I don't know if I want someone that doesnt know that touching my hardware.

    Good to know that I can do all of the above though. Thanks for the info. I'm more the sure I can stay away from playing with flash files I have no business playing with (at least at the start), and I have had enough experience with computers and doing things I shouldn't to know to back everything up until I know everything is right. Thanks a lot for the information, turns out this will be as cool as I thought it would be.
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