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    Hey guys!

    Freshmeat here!
    just wanted to say hello and introduce myself so here we go.

    Im living in sweden together with my girlfriend and we are waiting our first baby.
    Working as a designer, running my own community for swedish kids and teens,
    and doing some administration stuff for a company that works with social assistance for ppl in need such as down syndrome etc etc.

    Just got my first psp about 2 month ago and i had no frikkin clue that it can be hacked at all. ( but now i know that psp3004 is not there yet)
    Well ive upgraded mine to 5.03 to be able to use the ps store.

    One thing for sure, it really kicks a**! better than any other portable console.
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    welcome to pspmod! 5.03 is good for the upcoming hen. im still on 4.21, better than 5.50 xD btw,nice banner !
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    welcome to pspmod
    Red Slim ofw 3.93 > ofw 5.02 > cfw 3.80m33-5 > cfw 5.00m33-4 > cfw 5.00m33-6
    A wise man once said common sense is not that common
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    welcome to pspmod
    Black PSP Phat 2.71>3.03OE-C>3.52m33>3.90m33>3.90m33-2>SEMI-BRICK>4.01m33>5.00m33>5.00m33-4>5.00m33-6
    Silver PSP Slim 3.80>1.50>3.52m33>BRICK>3.71m33>3.90m33>3.90m33-2>4.01m33>4.01m33-2>5.00m33>5.00m33-6
    PSP's Bricked: 2 Modded: 18

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