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    Hi people im looking for a bit of help here. I got my psp when it 1st came out in the uk and ive since found out that it can be hacked so can anyone help me ive looked at a few sites but it all seems a bit confusing ive just updated my software to 5.50 and i think it says version 1.52 so can this be modded the last numbers on the bottom of my psp are psp1003 is there anything else i should be looking for.

    Thanks in advance for any response
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    yes but you will need a pandora and mms, unless under system settings, and system info it says your firmware is 1.5, if it is go to and download hellcat's recovery flasher v1.5 (recovery flasher v1.5) and follow its directions to get to 5.00m33-3

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    How to check if you can mod your PSP

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