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    hi everyone and I'm grateful
    for this site.
    I have a psp 3004 v5.2 can anyone tell
    if it's modifiable?
    I ask this because of confusing statements ..some saying it is
    and some maintains that it's not.
    I'd be happy for any assistance....thx.
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    Completely you can run homebrew/ ISO/CSO/ in my sig

    Quote Originally Posted by iedwardsIII
    In the words of DFS, go die.

    PSP Motherboard F.A.Q. Coldboot Tutorial

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    i also suggest you keep up with this thread
    Red Slim ofw 3.93 > ofw 5.02 > cfw 3.80m33-5 > cfw 5.00m33-4 > cfw 5.00m33-6
    A wise man once said common sense is not that common
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    Use ChickHEN for Homebrew

    and welcome to pspmod
    Black PSP Phat 2.71>3.03OE-C>3.52m33>3.90m33>3.90m33-2>SEMI-BRICK>4.01m33>5.00m33>5.00m33-4>5.00m33-6
    Silver PSP Slim 3.80>1.50>3.52m33>BRICK>3.71m33>3.90m33>3.90m33-2>4.01m33>4.01m33-2>5.00m33>5.00m33-6
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