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    hey i own a PSP and i think its the best i currently own MC3 and coded arms i want GTA so bad
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    Welcome; I'm also waiting on GTA....should be pretty sweet

    "Think for yourself, question authority" - Timothy Leary
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  3. #3 My new PSP. What do you think? 
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    I am about the purchase my first PSP. what do you think of the following package:

    Sony PSP PlayGear Pocket - Logitech; Electronics

    Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) Core - Sony Computer

    Virtua Tennis World Tour - Sega Of America, Inc.; Video Game

    FIFA Soccer 07 - Electronic Arts; Video Game

    SanDisk SDMSG-1024 Pro Duo 1 GB Gaming Memory Stick

    any comments are more than welcome

    btw, I found all of these for great prices in Price Comparison Shopping is fun and easy at


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    Hi zomakov, welcome to the forum.

    I would recommend the Virtua Tennis package, or the San Disk Pr Duo memory stick package.

    Both in my opinion are essential PSP purchases.

    Happy spending!

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    Nice purchase
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    i think that sounds pretty good hope you have fun with it
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    All your missing now is the car adapter kit. This inludes PSP holder with suction mount to attach it to your windshield/window. It also has FM transmitter to hear PSP sound thru your sound system.
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