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    1. Read the FAQS in every section before asking questions. chances are, youll find an answer

    2. Dont double post. this is annoying. stop it

    3. use the search button. its not hard and only takes 5 seconds.

    4. DO NOT ask about isos, roms, or where to find them. this shit is illegal and could get us in trouble. dont talk about it

    5. dont type in 35pt text. this is annoying and makes u look like an ass.

    6. respect the higher posting members. they know more then u. dont pretend its the other way around.

    7. when posting pictures, keep them under 800x600. having to scroll to see your picture is annoying.

    8. keep the signatures small. nothing is worse then someone who has a half page signature and 3 word replys.

    9. making up multiple accounts is a quick way to get banned. dont do it

    10. dont ask about downgrading if your firmware is past 2.80. downgraders are released when they are ready, not sooner. so dont make threads asking about them

    11. Moderators are your friends. they can answer questions u may have about the site. dont be afraid to ask.

    12. Dont make pointless threads. braging about your new psp skin isnt worthy of a thread. sorry

    13. Read the thread before you post a question. chances are, its been answered on the first page

    14. Post new threads in the proper sections.

    15. Make intellegent posts if your new here. nothing worse then carrying the title of moron for the rest of your posting time here

    16. If you have a problem with another member of the forum, send them a pm first and get it squared away instead of making a thread to bash them. good way to get banned

    17. Read the entire thread before posting. this helps avoid u saying something someone else said earier and looking like a noob.

    18. Dont join the forum and reply to everyones intro thread. its fucking annoying
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    Great thread.

    Let me also add that "leet speak" is quite irritating. You will most likely get a more positive response by saying "Hello, can someone help me with my homebrew?" than "W00T! I AM LeeT HaXX0R!!".
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    It's funny because I garuntee half the noobs who join now, are going to do at least 3 of these...just wait
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    great list julie!!!!
    Probably your own experience

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    I think I'll stick this in the intro section as more noobs will hopefully see it.......good job julie

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