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    Good morning guys,

    I recently signed up to this site and finally after a few weeks I successfully got CFW 5.00 M33-4 running and kicking. Thanks to a youtube guide on how to create a MMS to install it. I finally got my first CSO of my Madden 09 running on this and was wondering how I may find some hombrew programs for nes/snes emulation and maybe some Homebrew apps to get on MSN or to use my PSP like a IR remote as I own a PSP1001 Phat!

    I find your guides on the site very helpful but confusing a little bit, I hope to become very active in the community and learn a few things!
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    Welcome to PSPMOD.

    For all your Homebrew needs visit QuickJump Downloads-PSP -

    Might I suggest since you have a Phat you install the 1.50 Kernel addon for 5.00 M33.

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    PSP Motherboard F.A.Q. Coldboot Tutorial

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    Edited: Found it and will install ASAP rock DarkFox!!!!!!!!!
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    And if you want you can download stuff from PSP Hacks · PSP Homebrew, PSP Downloads, PSP Mods

    Thats how i got the XMBEditor
    I just love PSP's

    PSP 1001 series firmware: 5.00 M33-6
    PSP 2001 series firmware: 5.50 GEN-B
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