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    hey guys im a new user so ,ijust got my psp-3004 a week ago and it has ofw 5.03 and i just wanted to know how to play homebrew games on if anyone knows pls give a detailed explanation on how to get that software onto the psp.thanks in advance.
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    just use teh guides on teh website btw welcome 2 pspmod
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    Hey folks, DrakX here. I decided to join mainly because these forums are by far the most extensive I have found yet and I am considering buying quite a few items from the shop really soon. I bricked my PSP in what was the lamest way I can possibly think of. I got a semi-brick and then (knowing what would happen/hoping it wouldn't) I foolishly formatted my flash0. Even more foolish, I forgot to make a mms. There's my intro "I'm a semi-intelligent guy who does full-on stupid things from time to time." lol

    I do have a fair idea of the do's and don'ts of downgrading/unbricking/installing cfw and, fortunately, I learn from my mistakes. That being said, I will help out in whatever way I can. Kudos.

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