By inspiration i became a PSP ownet, with out knowing any basics. An, On go Wifi device was one of the thing I thougtht i could make use of it. Its an PSP 2000, purchased last week (6/2), it came with 4.05 Firmware. I initially planned to buy used games, looks like even them also costing 5 to 20$. Regarding memory card, learnt that i could go only 4 GB to 8GB max which is i dont like it, i thought of keeping as much as max movies copied.

Some one told, there some mod available and i no need to buy games indivisually. I called the guy in Miami, he asked me the serial number (HU2719788), he said that this seris can not be modified.

Now im thinking is it all worth? seems to maintain this i got to be spending 200 more atleast....

in future would there be Mods coming for this latest manufactured units? atleast in near future?

Can some one help usout ?