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    So, I just got my PSP last week after reading a ton about hacking one. And figured I would finally register here. Best forums i've found so far. So just saying hi and I though i'd list what i've got so far.

    PSP 2000 God of War Edition - CFW 5.00M33-6
    Simple stuff: CXMB, CIntro, dayviewer, music.prx, psp-hud, pspstates
    PSP-Write, LightMP3
    Fusa Gamepad - Soooo much fun, currently playing Prototype with my PSP. Testing with Mass Effect, Assassins Creed and Dark Sector next.

    Working on:
    GPS and MapThis - Waiting for GPS to arrive
    PhotoFast - 32GB Memory
    Finding more great applications to use.

    That's all I can think of now. Always trying to add more though.

    P.S. Thanks for keeping up a good site, this is where I first found I could flash my CFW with ChicHen and didn't need to mess with my battery. Great guides section.
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    Welcome to!
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    enjoy your stay!
    Left4Quake donation complete!

    Left 4 Dead on PSP!
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