Well I bought my first PSP about 2 weeks ago. I'm mainly using it for movies while I'm away from home.. My girlfriend currently is going to school in Texas verses me living in Oklahoma = a lot of time away from home.. I play the occasional game every now and then..

Well the first day I got it I couldn't believe it didn't have USB charge ability. I have a PSP1001 fat.. So I quickly disassembled the psp and did the simple usb charge mod.

That made me happy for about a week. Until the first real time I used my psp and I had no way to charge it while I was at the university with my girlfriend while she enrolled. So I decided today that I would build a portable battery powered charger. I'll post about it later once I have a firmer plan set out..

Anyways this is a introduction so I'll continue with a little about myself.

I'm 22, live in Oklahoma. I'm engaged to be married. I'm currently out of school for the summer I am majoring in electrical engineering. I've attended 4 year tech schools for computer repair/networking/programming.. I currently work as a freelance web developer.. However I'm about to go into the construction field again.. Because well swinging a hammer for 20 bucks a hour isn't a bad thing. I mean don't get me wrong I could potentially make more doing what I do now.. but I've been in the construction field before, and i'm tired of finding new clients.. It's a pain to keep enough projects to keep busy in the freelancing business..

well that's it for now.. gf's yellin at me to go to the living room..