Thread: ATARI 2600 was my last game machine... :)

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  1. #1 ATARI 2600 was my last game machine... :) 
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    No kidding... I played on my cousin's NES and SNES when we were kids, but i never owned another console since the 2600. And took a lonnnng break after SNES, didn't play another console till Xbox at my brother-in-law's.

    But that doesn't mean I gave up games .... I was an arcade junkie growing up (after school every day at the Electric Palace), and PC games took over in college. Comander Keen, POP, Lemmings, DOOM, Descent, you name it.

    More recently I've become a FPS whore... Halo, QIII Arena, COD, etc. My goal with the PSP is to get a MAME type emulator running so I can have 1000 old arcade games at my fingertips, and to find some cheaper storage so I can rip some of the 100's of movies I have on DVD.

    Ridge Racer has my attention right now.

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    When I go on to ebay, it says not enough memory and will not display the page. Are these things upgradeable as far as hardware goes at all? Has so many comparisons to a normal pc.. though, well just mabe...
    Thank you.
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    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but theres not a lot you can do about this issue.

    The PSP's web browser is very poor (in my opinion), many pages will not load, others will but do not display properly, those that do work are still kind of sluggish.

    With 32mb ram sony should have been able to make a much better browser, but it seems they chose not to.

    The only thing I could suggest would be if you are using tabs (more than 1 web page open at a time) in the browser that you try having just the 1 page open at once to lower memory usage.

    There is no way to upgrade the psp's RAM (working memory).
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    Okay. Thank You again bah.
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