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    Hey everyone, I'm a huge Nintendo Fan (Don't kill me) but I just got a PSP off my friend and am loving it so far.

    I must say i'm impressed and its way better than the DS and DSI so I'm glad I got one and am hoping to learn more about it!
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    Welcome to the Forums and the Psp world!

    You can do Many things to your psp. Just take a look around the forums and see what you like.
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    welcome to pspmod, the door to psp world.
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    welcom to pspmod! and have fun with your psp, after all it is the key to the alternate demension

    Yeah, monsters are so AWESOME!
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    Before you ask about getting CFW, go here:
    Nintendo Emulators || LED Modifications
    Everything that this user says is fictional and for entertainment purposes only
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    CF was quick to drop that guide. I still see a question coming. =]
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    Welcome to the dark side, where we have more than 2 M-Rated games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Product F(RED) View Post
    Welcome to the dark side, where we have more than 2 M-Rated games.
    lol... XD so true
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