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  1. #1 Hi ya all new 2 this just a few questions 
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    I got my psp phat on 5.0 m33-3 i think, its running the little homebrew ive tried which is much appreciated

    anyhow I was wondering if anyone was up to the challenge of using my psp as a guinea pig for saying %^$& umd %^$& umd in its $%^ anyhow could some one maybe help me in replacing the umd with usb? seems like u could hide the usb in the disk tray all sleek like and forget running my info on media that requires more battery just for spinning a disk + those lil memmory cards r cute but expensive

    sorry about not knowing how to type complete sentences but I swear Ive studied a bit Im just wondering a few questions b4 I try researching this hardware mod like

    1. is the umd un-separable from the mother board


    2. could I stash a usb port in that ejecting tray do ya think?
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    UMDs do not *&^% you *&^% &^&% anyways... UMDs are great if you do not have enough mem on your mem stick... if you are downloading games... then fuck off?
    i am an idiot.

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    listen whatever with downloading games I didnt even mention that Im just saying I really like the psp as an all around portable and its extremely handicapped by memory.... + there will be no UMD burner ---- ever... so if you want easy access to Your media on Your psp it seems the usb hack is perty liberating...

    btw as a senior member you sure seem a tad short Smoke, and not very informative....... if theres anybody that can maybe steer me to someone that cares , it would be much apreciated
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    1.)You do not have to have the umd attached to the mobo. You can take it out if you please. But i'm not entirely sure what you want so I cannot help there.

    2.)He did not mention anything related to piracy..
    3.)Do you think people with internalized cr-3100's are all pirates?

    4.)Even though he has senior member status he's still very new to the forums. Just posts alot..

    Are you talking about stashing a usb cable inside the drive bay so you can just connect it to the pc and stream your games off there?

    If that's it (Just guessing), you can use IR Shell to connect the psp to the pc and stream your games from the HDD. (Wouldn't make the psp very portable though)

    If you want a cheap but high memory MS, look into the cr-5400 and 2x8gb micro sdhc (You can get all of it for $30 or less) and you'd have 16gbs.
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