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    i am new to PSPMODDING i jsut did mine today and it work out great a big thanks to all who made the guides but i not too sure on how to swap memory cards
    i did it the modding with 1gb pro duo and i want to swap it for a 4gb m2
    i have CFW 4.01 m33-2 installed on my psp
    please help

    now about me i live in Australia on the small island state of Tasmania
    i have a wii,psp,dslite,xbox,360,ps2,ps3,psx and soon a dsi
    have been a homebrewer for many ayear starting with my xbox
    i do not really like hardmods many softmods

    so thats all really and if any one can help me out with card problem thanks

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    take the 1gig out, stick the 4gig in, go to system settings and format the Memory stick. From there do as you please

    Welcome to PSPMOD
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    OH HAI DER! xD
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    Everything that this user says is fictional and for entertainment purposes only
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    so all i do is that Jubbabubba well i will give it a try
    and by the way thanks
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    well i tried it and it was a no go just a blank screen
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