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    So, like...yo!

    Heh...anyway, new member and fairly new to the whole PSP scene period, like "just-got-my-PSPs-a-couple-weeks-ago" new. I'm ready to take a crack and see if one can be hacked, although after reading Hercules' guide I get the idea the PSP scene won't be as easy as the DS and Dreamcast were (ah, the glory days of the DC), but what the hell, right? I'll take a crack at it!

    Right now I'm trying to see if one of these PSP 2000 slims are even candidates for hacking, and if they are I may just buy an already done Pandora (I admit, I have big hands and I'm chicken about doing delicate electronic procedures...sue me. ) and Magic Stick. Anyone wanting to pull my coat and drop knowledge I may need in my quest will be greatly appreciated...I just need to get one of these things fitted with CFW...getting stuff for it after that isn't an issue for me.

    So, umm, in conclusion...hello to all, glad to be aboard. Cheers!
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    not all slims are hackable, but you can use chickhen and psp ident to cheak if it is or not.

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