hey guys
I came to join this site to learn more about psp hacking and modding. Ok, so I used to own a psp 1000 but now I own a 3000. My 1000 did have custom firmware on it, but it broke. So I went and bought another 3000 a couple of months ago...but to find out that i can't hack/mod it. So I just wanted to know some details on what I can/can't do with my psp. I have a psp 3000 currently running 5.03. I also have Chickhen and CFWenabler 3.10, which let's me have 5.03 GEN-A and 5.03 M33. ok, here are my questions:

As stated above, I have a psp 3k with a mobo of TA-090v2. What I want to know is can I downgrade my psp right now? Are there any programs/guides that I can use that's not too complicated? I've read some other posts and guides @ other websites, but they also say "i have firmware 5.03 and want to downgrade to (whatever)firmware, can I?" but what they don't mention is what psp they have.

So if anyone can help me on that, that would be great. Oh and btw, I also have socom ftb2 and I have nitepr and cwcheat installed. But just it's inconvenient for me to enable it because I don't have custom firmware installed, so I have to enable nitepr and cwcheat from my pc. but anyways, when i use nitepr, and when i'm in gameplay, whenever i activate nitepr, the game freezes, and the psp shuts off, therefore forcing me to enable custom firmware again but going for Chickhen. So yeah, once again, if any1 can help me on those two things, that'd be great.