Thread: How do I FULLY mod my PSP 3000 v. 5.50?

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  1. #1 How do I FULLY mod my PSP 3000 v. 5.50? 
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    HEY GUYS. Just got a PSP and was wondering how I can mod it.

    It's a PSP 3000 v. 5.50. I'm sort of under the impression that I need a different version, but if not how and where do I transfer the information from onto it.

    I'm not familiar with software modification as my Xbox has a hardware modification.

    Keep in mind I'm asking on a specific thread because they're are so many already and they are very confusing. I don't want to mess up my software or anything.

    Any clear instruction would be greatly appreciated.

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    Unable to fully mod a 3k.

    Being above 5.03 ofw, you cannot mod your psp at all, at this point.
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    Yojimbo! Nice!

    But yes, you cannot mod your PSP at all, sorry.
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    Step 1. Grab a Hammer
    Step 2. Take said Hammer and hit the PSP repeatedly
    Step 3. There should be a part that is in the shape of a upside down V
    Step 4. ???
    Step 5. Profit
    DO YOU LIKE BOOBIES?!?!?!?!?

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    Read before you buy. By god if I let my gf shop for her own psp...

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    kill yourself, its the only way. buy a slim and return the 3k in the slim's box
    Well the way I see it, I'm the judge and my bullets are the jury.
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    Quote Originally Posted by -GunslingerGirl- View Post
    buy a slim and return the 3k in the slim's box
    now your talking.
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