Thread: cant figure out how to downgrade my psp

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  1. #1 cant figure out how to downgrade my psp 
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    my psp is a slim 2001 w/ 5.51 firmware. im a little stuck on how to downgrade it and its quite frustrating.

    i need to know....
    how can i tell what motherboard i have w/o the sticker on the bottom?
    (because it started to fade away and its illegible but I remember a few things) is my psp is hackable and if it creates a pandora?
    is it useless to hack it if it cant create the pandora?
    i got mine @ christmas 2007 so what motherboard would that be?

    please reply as soon as possible. Thank You!!
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    Well, first of all, you have firmware 5.51, so downgrading is impossible for now, as for figuring out your motherboard, check the guides section, as I cant directly link you the guide just yet

    Another way to figure it out is to just use a Jigkick with a magic memory stick, and if it works your Mobo is hackable.

    Hope this helps.
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    The link in my signature can help you identify if your PSP is hackable or not. As well the guide section can help out with further info.
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