Hello, I'm totally new to belonging to a forum. I've never really been on one before. The reason I joined this one though is cause I recently turned 18 and got my first psp. =/ (Would of had one sooner but I'm not the well off money wise) but anyhow my girlfriend got it for me from gamestop(used). It is a Psp 3000 with System Software Version 5.01 and that is literally the extent of my knowledge on psp's. I've been reading/researching how to mod/hack my psp and looking up if its even what i want to do with it. From what I've read and everything it seems like there are no drawbacks. Free games, movies, music, etc....So i guess my question in general is which video/guide do i use to hack/mod it? I've been through so many and every single one is different. I've tried memorizing everything that goes on with it but theres so much info that its pretty much impossible. I want to mod it so that i can download free games off the Internet. Movies, music, pics, etc would be a bonus but if i can only get games I'd still be happy. I THINK i know i need to get a "CFW" but i have no clue which one to get or if there is even multiple out there. Sorry for such a vague question i looked all around the forum and all the guides still confuse me due to me not knowing squat about psps. A nice simple explanation would be very much appreciated. Thanks to any who help. Looking forward to belonging to a forum ^^.