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    ok so I go by fayde and I just got a psp used from gamestop I will tell you all the info I know about my psp. I really hope it can be modded without the use of a pandora battery cause thats all i'm finding. my current firmware is 5.50.
    the serial number on the bottom is pp121609519-psp1001. as far as I know and i have seen the 1001 say it cant be hacked i've read other places it can. I'm sooooo lost. I hope it can be modded thats all i want. um the serial number on the battery is SU2160951. If someone could please help me give me directions hell even walk me through how to mod it if its even possible id sooooo appreciate it. well thanks for taking the time to read this also I have yahoo messenger so hit me up on that if you can help me add me if you want just tell me you are from this board. sicc_klown is my name on yahoo.
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